Building a DIY Tensa tomorrow, completely new to hammocks. Advice and input appreciated.

Doing this for an indoor full-time hang. Completely new to hammocks, but I've had chronic sleep issues that I'm hoping a hammock could help with. I'm interested in the tensahedron layout because I volunteer in disaster relief work and the Tensa4 seems like it might be a worthwhile investment to save towards. Those cots are for the birds.

Current Game Plan

My plan is to copy "Dane's Barebone Stand" from the tensa website (which is also shown here on hammock forums). I'm a bit nervous since there's not a step by step layout, but it seems all four joints are done the same way:

  1. Drill a hole through 8' long, 3/4" conduit about 1" down from the end.
  2. Put a 1’ long piece of steel cable through the holes.
  3. Screw in the metal wire clamps on the steel cable.
  4. Tie the bottom joints together, put a weight anchor for balance on the foot side, and pray it works?

Corrections on these steps would be super welcome!


A) How do I put in a ridgeline in if my hammock doesn't have one? Can I just buy paracord or something and tie the two top steel wire loops together?

B) If so, how long should that ridgeline be? I'm 6' tall, 175lbs. Was planning on trying for an 11" hammock.

C) Can I buy a brazilian hammock to use for this (since I'm indoors), or should I really make my own?

Thanks all in advance.

Touch here for the full post on the Heavenly Hammock Harbor tumblr

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